A contract created in Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software can be for Retail, Trade or Commercial Customers.

These customers may or may not have paid a deposit and when the contracts are posted to the debtor’s Ledger, the customer’s Name, address, any other relevant information and any deposit paid are created in the debtor’s Ledger. An audit list of the posting run is produced. When the contract is delivered or installed, the contract value or portion of the contract is invoiced and the amount is posted into the debtor’s Ledger. An invoice and posting list can be produced at any stage of the process, for example when the product components are cut. Any outstanding balances and the reason for the not payment are entered into Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software and an outstanding balance list can be run on a daily basis without the need to run a debtor’s list from the accounts system.

Purchase orders are produced against production / installation requirements and delivery of full or part goods received notes can be assigned against original purchase orders. These is turn can be posted to the Creditor’s Ledger and against the relevant nominal code.

It is fully integrated with Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook) in both directions, e.g. Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software can generate Word Documents and Excel Sheets, an Excel Sheet or Word Document can access and update Profitmaker ERP information if required.

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