The Ultimate Business Solution Software for
the Window and Door Industry
Profitmaker is an internet based business software application which provides
intelligent solutions for the Window and Door Industry across the UK and Ireland.
profitmaker retail

Profitmaker Trade

Used by Trade Suppliers. It allows their customers to log in and place orders and estimates.
profitmaker ERP

Profitmaker ERP

Deals with almost all aspects of the Window & Door Industry, from Estimating and Sales through to Production, Stock Control, Crew installation Scheduling and Service.
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Profitmaker Retail

For companies who sell / install but do not manufacture. Estimates, Orders, Scheduling & Diaries, Survey, Supplier Order Management, Installation.
“With # all the information we need is instantly accessible, it’s an integral part of our business, it helps us to manage our business effectively and significantly improves our service levels.” “Profitmaker manages your business for you. It gives you on time, on target information about costs and profits. Too often it’s only after the event that companies discover they would have been better off not doing a job as they lost money on it. Profitmaker gives you the power of knowledge about whether you are charging too much or too little in real time. We wouldn’t, in fact, couldn’t live without Profitmaker.”
Cary Hindman, Sales and Marketing Manager at Turkington’s
Enhanced Features

Robust Web Technology

Capable of receiving hundreds of thousands of orders per day from thousands of users.

Important information at your fingertips

Intelligent, meaningful dashboards show current business metrics to users at login.

Business activity transparency

Monitors the progress of all jobs from lead to installation.
Highlights jobs that require attention.

Industry Experience

Profitmaker has evolved into what it is today based on over 37 years' experience in the industry, working closely with retail and trade suppliers and manufacturers.

Dataflow Chart

For a more comprehensive overview of our product's integration, we invite you to visit our "DataFlow Chart".
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