Profitmaker Trade is an internet based window and door industry business software application aimed at Trade Suppliers. It allows their customers to log in with a password using an internet browser and place orders and estimates.

The window and door industry customers of a Trade Supplier can also enjoy many other advantages of an “always on” system that can be accessed from anywhere, including :

  • All the customer’s estimates and orders are available on-line for reference
  • An Order’s status can be tracked by a customer (Ordered / Confirmed / In Production / Despatched etc.)
  • A window and door industry customer can produce his own documentation for a job, including glass lists, proposal, survey sheet, invoices, retail customer documents, etc.
  • Each window and door industry customer can have several users (e.g. Sales Rep, Administrator, Surveyor, Installer etc.) So for example, a sales rep could enter an estimate and produce a proposal for his customer, then convert it to an order when the sale is closed. A surveyor could log in from his own house and print a survey sheet for this job containing address, phone numbers and complete job details including diagrams, dimensions, specification etc.

When the job is surveyed, the surveyor can log in again, enter the survey details and place the order. The order will automatically arrive into the Trade Supplier’s system for production.

  • A window and door industry customer can perform his own Bay and Bow window calculations and produce a detailed printout showing a bay diagram, facet and window sizes and angles, and cill sizes.
  • A window and door industry customer can easily create a conservatory estimate or place a conservatory order by simply picking a conservatory style and specifying a few dimensions. A conservatory job will be created consisting of a roof and windows/doors. A detailed floor plan can be printed showing a scale drawing with angles and diagonals. This floor plan can be used for building the conservatory base before the windows are manufactured (Conservatories Optional).
  • When an order is placed, the customer automatically receives an e-mail containing a detailed confirmation. A customer can log in to view detailed history for any order or estimate.
  • Customers can automatically receive weekly e-mail reports showing sales and usage.
  • It’s even possible for a customer to easily extend his own software system so that it can interface with his supplier’s online system for placing orders, checking order status or running reports

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