Database Technology

Profitmaker ERP door and window manufacturing software is fully compatible with the Microsoft Office software suite. The Microsoft Access Database Engine is build into the standard version of Profitmaker ERP door and window manufacturing software. For high volumes and large multi-user access, the database engine can be replaced with a client server database, such as SQL Server, allowing millions of jobs to be accessed by hundreds of users. Client server computing will help large businesses run faster, more smoothly and leanly by merging the economy, flexibility and ease of use of personal computers with the traditional benefits of mainframes: power, manageability, and shared data and applications. You can also benefit from built-in data replication, enhanced programmability, advanced transaction processing, server enforced data integrity, high availability and distributed transactions.

Advanced Customisation

Because the Profitmaker ERP door and window manufacturing software system is object oriented, its functionality can be customised and extended by scripting, similar to VBA macros in Microsoft Excel or Word. In fact, you can write Excel or Word macros that can access the full Profitmaker ERP object system, interrogate the database for orders or estimates, scan through all job item properties, insert new jobs, produce complex reports, produce output for other systems or easily import information from other systems. In fact it’s so flexible that there are very few limitations on what you can achieve, even for very complex requirements.


The Profitmaker ERP door and window manufacturing software system is Windows software running on PCs with Ms Windows 98, 2000 or XP.
The Profitmaker Retail system runs on a web server running Windows 2000 and the .Net runtime.

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