World class software for Window manufacturing and Conservatories.

Profitmaker ERP software was designed specifically for the Window and Door manufacturing industry, with modules for Quotations, Sales, Production Control, Stock, Crew Installation Scheduling and Service and open to integration with third party software.

It is a robust, accurate and fast system that can scale from a single user on a PC to hundreds of users on a Client/Server network processing millions of orders.

It uses an Open database system, so your information is not locked up and you can easily integrate it with other software. In fact, the underlying technology is “object oriented” and exposes its functionality to macros or scripting, i.e. it is fully programmable and extensible. It’s very easy to write custom links to machinery, accounts etc. and extend the functionality to your requirements.

It is fully integrated with Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook) in both directions, e.g. Profitmaker ERP can generate Word Documents and Excel Sheets, an Excel Sheet or Word Document can access and update Profitmaker ERP information if required.

As its name suggests, Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software is focused on the profitability of every job and gives you profit margin and delivery information before you take the job and not when it’s too late. Let’s face it, if you’re not making profit then your software system just helps you to lose money faster!

For manufacturing bespoke products such as windows and doors, where almost every item is unique and uses a different set of materials and labour, calculating an accurate cost can be difficult. The Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software system addresses this difficulty with sophisticated technical databases. These databases contain materials, labour and technical rule sets. They can be mixed and matched to form a suite of options for individual job items. A single item can draw information from many different technical databases (e.g. one for Profile, one for Handles, one for Glass etc.) This makes it easy to introduce new sets of components without interfering with existing components.

Profitmaker Retail was released in 2002. This enables instant estimating and order placing using an internet browser, hand-held device or even a mobile phone from anywhere in the world at any time. The system is popular with trade suppliers, who allow their customers to log in with a password, however it can also be used to enter orders or estimates directly into Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software.
From Internet to showroom, salesperson to Customer, Production Office to Factory floor, Delivery depot to customer, Profitmaker ERP window manufacturing software allows all of the resources to operate more efficiently from start to finish, by allowing this connectivity to happen anytime anywhere.

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