As a Retail Window Sales Company using Profitmaker RETAIL, you decide which of your staff you want to allow access to the system. You create a user name and password for each staff member and their user rights.

When a Window Sales staff members logs in, he sees a web site with your company name and logo, and current information about your company, including announcements, photographs, new product information or any information you want to display. Any window sales enquiry can be placed directly into the sales person’s diary for a given time and date.

If your company does not use Profitmaker ERP window sales software, you can still access and update the online information, either manually using a web browser, or automatically using a link to your office software.

All estimates and contracts are stored so that they can be referred to at any future point in time.

Your Window Sales staff can now produce an instant estimate, (from your styles, price books and extra charges) and convert to an order, place it in the surveyors diary for a given time and date. The surveyor can print a survey sheet from any location and update with measurement details from site.

If your company also uses Profitmaker ERP software, the on-line job will be transferred into your Profitmaker production database and from there can be scheduled for production as normal. Changes to the job status or delivery date are automatically posted on-line for your customer to view.

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