If you’re not making a profit, then your window and door manufacturing software system just helps you to lose money faster!

Profitmaker ERP window and door manufacturing software looks at the big picture. It is Proactive, giving you profit and delivery information before you start jobs and not when it’s too late and can continue to give you profit information during the job.

There are Profitmaker ERP software modules to deal with almost all aspects of Window & Door Manufacturing, from Estimating and Sales through to Production, Stock Control, Crew installation Scheduling and Service.

The system is fully customisable, so in addition to built in links to accounts systems and machine centres, you can write your own extensions to deal with any special requirements.

The management reporting module contains a full set of standard reports, however, because the underlying database system is open, you can produce customised reports from any standard report writer, or even from MS Word or Excel.

Profitmaker ERP window and door manufacturing software is fully compatible with Profitmaker RETAIL window and door manufacturing online for estimating and ordering. So if your customer places an order on the Internet using Profitmaker RETAIL, the order can be automatically downloaded into your Profitmaker ERP window and door manufacturing system for production. Changes to the order status can be transmitted back to the Profitmaker RETAIL Internet server so your customer can monitor his job status (e.g. “Confirmed”, “In Production”, “Finished”, “Despatched”)

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