• When your Window and door industry company signs up with you, your customer will instantly have a 21st century business network that spans the globe. His staff are no longer limited by geography and no longer need to be in a certain place to perform a certain task. His salesperson can produce a quotation at home or in his car, his surveyor can enter survey sizes using a mobile phone, installation crews can log in to receive schedules and addresses. Because your customer’s information is at the fingertips of all his staff, his business will thrive.
  • Your window and door industry customer will feel more in control of his business, because vital information is directly available to him, without the barrier and confusion of phone calls and faxes.
  • Your window and door industry customer can use the information network to add value to his own business processes, e.g. a surveyor can print out his own survey sheet, a salesman can print out a customer proposal, several staff members in different physical locations can discuss individual jobs on the phone and each one can call the job up on his own computer screen.
  • Because no special software is required on your customers’ computers, there is no associated cost and no software installation problems.
  • Furthermore, your window and door industry customer can use any type of computer, (PC, Mac, unix, linux etc.), hand-held device, or Wap enabled mobile phone.

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