MBN International Systems Ltd. are the creators of Profitmaker Window Industry Business Solution Software.

The Total Resource Intelligent Management Concept

Profitmaker Business Solution software has its roots firmly planted in the window industry, starting life with a leading window Industry fabricator in Southern Ireland in the early Eighties.

In the early days as a window industry fabricator, it suffered from many of the problems faced by fabricators and installers everywhere then and today.

Poor costing information, double handling, too much stock, too little stock, inefficient manufacturing processes, missed delivery dates and waste, all contributing to reduce margins. With tight margins even the smallest improvement in efficiency makes a difference.

To deal with all of these elements of the window and door industry a business Solution software was needed. Profitmaker, the TRIM concept was conceived.

This required an understanding of all the related resources deployed, and how they interact with each other. The labour resource required an knowledge of the number of work centres for an given product range and the corresponding work study of all the manufacturing labour activities that occur in Window, Door, Glass and ancillary fabrication. The Material resource required in the manufacture can vary depending on the size and the relevant stock holding based on real time requirements. The Factory size, Machinery resource and work centers for the product range and output. The minimum waste level required for all the resources deployed in the product range. No contract was complete till it was installed and the cash collected. The Installation process required the knowledge of the crew size and fitting capacity which determined the start and finish date.

First hand experience of the window Industry gave an unparalleled vision of what a software system should do. It had to be a single entry system showing the profit margin at every stage of the process, with JIT manufacturing at its core.


This Business Solution software is patented in Ireland, UK and Europe

Profitmaker is used throughout the UK and Ireland, powering some of the window industry’s most successful companies, from small to super fabricator.

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