• Will help to boost sales, manage your staff easily, reduce errors and increase your margins.
  • Create great looking customers documentation in seconds, with drawings to scale and in colour, any changes made will see the price change immediately
  • Staff diaries will allow the management of staff in real time, make appointments for salespeople, surveyors, installers, and service engineers.
  • Information can be updated from mobile staff and from multiple offices in seconds. Get useful information immediately.
  • Manage your contracts and estimates easily and efficiently. Produce sales reports by groups or individuals and sales reports showing profit contribution.
  • Management reports that enable you to make key decisions based on fact and not on hunches. Track salespersons performance and see how their conversion rates compare against each other. Analyse your sales conversion rate per lead source so you can spend your marketing budget where it works best.
  • The “stalled pipe line” will show the value of the stored estimates where no decision has yet been taken. This allows for follow up marketing by special offers, discounts etc.
  • You can present a consistent, dynamic image of your door and window industry company to your customers by using a tablet or smart phone.
  • If your door and window industry company has more than one showroom or depot, you can assign jobs and staff members to the relevant showroom or depot so you can track and report on these separately.

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